11:00 Panel Discussion on Austerity in Dundee

Participants: Dundee Against Austerity, ECAP, D Hunter – Chav Solidarity

ECAP organises to combat poverty on the principle of solidarity and self-activity in communities and workplaces, actively rejecting influence by any political parties. We work and fight alongside individuals facing poverty related problems and oppressive behaviour from the authorities. We also initiate and get involved in wider struggles on specific issues using the same principles of solidarity and self-activity.

We believe that with enough people direct action can make the rule of bosses and their political protectors unworkable. We work towards the creation of a truly democratic counter-power, pressurising authorities in the here and now and giving people a means to defend themselves in their daily lives, whilst simultaneously challenging the whole capitalist system, demanding and working towards a world without classes, borders and oppressive elites.

We hold a weekly drop-in at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh for people needing support on benefits, debt, housing and similar problems, and organise regular advocacy stalls outside Edinburgh jobcentres. We accompany people to benefits appointments and assessments and spread the ideas of mutual aid and resistance. We have been involved in direct action, eg pickets and occupations against workfare users. We are keen to link up with other similar groups, eg through the Scotland-wide Action Against Austerity network.

12:15 Introduction to Anarchism

Ellie – Dundee Anarchist Bookfair

An introduction to the basic ideas and principles of anarchism. There will be lots of chance for discussion so bring along questions.

13:30 Organising in the North of Scotland

Aberdeen Anarchist Group

”The Aberdeen Anarchist Group started in 2017 aiming to bring together anarchists and like-minded individuals focusing on creating a network of resistance by using inter-sectionalism as a tool to challenge capitalism and different forms of oppression. Although the group is small, they are actively involved in the political scene in Aberdeen and they have put on various events ranging from talks and screenings to demos and an upcoming anarchist festival. For their talk at the Dundee Anarchist Bookfair, they will give a brief history of the political landscape in
Aberdeen from the 19th century till nowadays, they will discuss   their actions as a group and their experiences of organising in the
North-east, and they will share their thoughts on the future of
grassroots organising in Aberdeen.”

14:45 Panel Discussion Solidarity Campaigns in Dundee

Participants: Sarah Glynn – Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, Lorna MacBean – Fail Better, Mary McGregor – Dundee Nablus Twinning Association, Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group

“Solidarity can take many forms.  40 Years ago Dundee Council became the first place in the world to twin with a city in the occupied West Bank. This was an act of solidarity with an oppressed people. Today, DNTA (Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association) promotes friendship and understanding between the people of our 2 cities. That means developing an understanding of what life is like under military occupation. We develop educational and cultural links with people in Nablus and will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the twinning by raising awareness that solidarity with Palestinians is as vital today as ever.”

16:00 Open Discussion Around Dundee Issues